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There is a particularly malicious email circulating that is aimed at seniors and tells them that stints are denied to people over 65. I do not know of any senior here in Canada ever denied a stint because of age. I believe it is a right for everyone to have basic health care. Our Canadian system isn't perfect, but it costs almost 60% less than the US. It is not totally socialized medicine but a mix of private and public services. The hospitals are owned and funded by the provinces and in the case of British Columbia that was accomplished originally by a sales tax. It is a one payer system and the doctors as a group must negotiate their rates for services with the provinces. In other words, they can't charge whatever they want for any given procedure. Each province is a little different, but is required to provide basic health services under federal law. In BC, we only pay 25% of nearly all prescriptions up to an annual maximum of $400 and up depending on income. Premiums for low income families are subsidized and in some provinces there are no monthly premiums.