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Please note that some of the vehicles may be in perfect shape, but may have been involved in repossession, so the bidder may have to pay off the face value of the note before a salvage title may be cleared. Salvage cars may also only be good for parts use, and may be sold under a salvaged title. The salvage title may remain in tact. Ford, Porsche, Cadillac, and now Volvo are among the carmakers giving drivers the option of a subscription. The biggest difference is the time frame: Rather than being tied to a years’ long lease, subscriptions give you the ability to “own” a car on a month to month basis. You could theoretically not have a car for 10 months of the year when you’re working and using public transit and then get a car subscription for two months when you’ll be traveling more often.


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Autonomous vehicle algorithms and software may perform at different levels depending on road or weather conditions. And these vehicles may be vulnerable to hacking based on the security of the network and software. To effectively price policies, underwriters will need to understand and build risk models based on an estimation of these various factors. 13Underwriters with specialized knowledge and systems may become even more important in the insurance sales and relationship management process. For example, underwriters who understand specific vehicle systems may help insurers advise commercial buyers on the expected performance of a vehicle before it is acquired. And shared mobility policies, purchased by passengers on a trip by trip basis, could require near instantaneous quote generation. Insurers that can quickly and accurately assess and price risk, and then offer policies to customers via a mobile application, for example, may be able to build loyalty and capture market share. With autonomous and connected vehicles capable of precisely, automatically, and rapidly detecting and reporting the cause of an accident or vehicle damage, insurers should prepare their IT infrastructure to receive and interpret this data for claims processing. For shared driver driven vehicles, claims—especially those not involving a serious collision—may be reported by the vehicle owner instead of the driver, and not necessarily at the scene of the claims event. In the interim, insurers may need to work through the carsharing provider to locate the driver to further investigate the event, which could increase the complexity and time required to complete claims investigations. Fraud will presumably always be an issue, but sensor data may make it more difficult by helping adjustors determine when claims may be fraudulent.