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:I think I've read this hub before, but I just found it again after seeing your response to a question on this topic. Ironic, I was just talking to someone today about Fibromyalgia. I have migraines at least every other day, usually every day, just varying on how extreme. I've been tested and nothing was found: I was told I'm normal. Today I said, but having migraines everyday cannot possibly be normal. When I did get tested a while ago lots of blood tests very expensive my doc referred me to a specialist forget exactly, but I think someone specializing in brain stuff I also have pain a lot and I'm young!Early 20's and I do not feel it and also back aches like crazy.

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even with the best of ins. And the money was the most important thing to them in my opinion. I am on Vancouver Island North, and have been waiting for surgery on 2 ruptures and split apart abdominal muscles, since 5 years now, and even though it has been diagnosed, I cannot get them repaired. It requires a plastic surgeon when the abdominal wall is torn, so they will not refer me to one who can do it. We are not allowed to switch doctors. No one will take you if you have, even , a bad doctor.