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They are focused on life and disability insurance and trying to disprove the idea that insurance is “sold and not bought”. They believe that if you educate the consumers with the right system they will buy the right product without a hard sell. Aimed squarely at the millennial buyer, their friendly Insurance Checkup takes 5 minutes and walks you through the different risks in your life. Then it shows you what “People Like You” usually need coverage for and explain why. At the end, you get an Insurance To Do List which recommends the insurance you need in simple language. Interestingly, it points out even home and auto insurance which, currently, they don’t sell themselves.

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That is, there are different options for insuring the transmission, the engine, the fuel system and all other kinds of parts. The problem is that these add up. Drivers generally don't know which part of their car is going to break first, nor can they really predict which parts of the car will be most troublesome over its lifetime. That's one problem with signing up for car repair insurance that only covers certain parts systems. The insurance burden. Drivers already pay a good bit of insurance, just to get a car on the street. Since today's basic liability insurance doesn't cover at fault damages, many drivers go with comprehensive insurance, which incurs additional costs. Many drivers are happy just to get all of the required insurance for dealing with the costs of a wreck or collision. Car repair insurance puts even more of an insurance burden on the driver's wallet. Claims handling. Those who routinely deal with any kind of insurance know the game that insurers often play: an insurer will enthusiastically endorse an insurance product, and sign up new customers.


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